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Picture Framing Fundamentals

You may not know anything about framing and that's why coming in to FrameWorks to meet one of our staff is a good idea. Each of us has design education and artistic taste to give you advice on a size, color, and style to best complement your art.

We're good at listening, because we are certain that you know what you want. Then we'll ask questions to determine what the purpose, usage and feeling you envision and then make suggestions about the best way for you to get what you desire. Probably we will present new possibilities that you may never have considered.

Please tap our in-depth experience to learn about the best way to place your art within a frame using an appropriate matte and mounting. An integral part of our framing process is to protect your art from damage and theft while it is in our possession, and wrap it to protect it as you take it home with you.

Some Tips for Working with the FrameWorks

  • Tell us about any requirements like where the art will hang; the surrounding decor colors and accents in the room, the maximum size of frame, its color and anything else.
  • Good framing requires thoughtful consideration; please allow enough time to consider your framing options.
  • Adopt an attitude that allows you to be open to suggestions. We believe we can create a wonderful result. Please give us a chance to show you the results of our professional framing design!
  • Finally, handle your art with care and as little as possible. Frame it as soon as you can. Protect it from theft.